Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I have a ghost writer

Somebody else must be writing my blog. I have absolutely no recollection of actually writing the last three. I remember thinking about them - thinking that I must get on and write them before they get out of date....... Oh well, at least that makes it easier for me to pick up now, since I don't have to start at the beginning again.

First, an up-date on scones. By about the fourth attempt I had achieved something quite acceptable with butter and jam, and my grandson actually asked for a second one. At the sixth attempt, my first one with fruit scones, I reckoned I could now call myself a scone maker. The trouble is that every recipe makes about 12-15 scones, and I eat most of them myself! Perhaps I shall be brave enough soon to offer some at the Women's Institute stall on Fridays.

Apart from baking I have practically nothing else to write about except my continuing work on our Growing Old Disgracefully website. It has just reached an exciting point, as the designers have put the partially finished design up on the web now, with a special URL which enables us to look at it and comment, correct, and complain if things are not right. We really are getting to the end at last, but there are still bits of information which we have to supply, and which we are unable to clarify. An organisation run by volunteers from their own homes is a very different matter from a business, I realise.

One of the problems is that, as you search out the right information for the website content, you tend to discover that records need updating, or people have dropped out, or resonsibilities are just changing hands, and a deal of peripheral work becomes necessary in addition to that directly involved in the website.

So in these last few weeks I tend to be in a haze of exhaustion much of the time, knowing it is worth while, but wishing I'd never stuck my arm in the air!

Art is exhausting



annie said...

I love that statue at the end. We all know the feeling. As for memory, I frequently can't remember if I had breakfast-- which could be because I forgot to eat. But If I could make scones like yours I am sure I would remember-- congrats, you baker, you!

Kate said...

I can't wait to see this new website. I'm sure it's lots of work though I'm also sure it's going to be marvelous!

Avus said...

I love scones, Judith - with butter, black currant jam and clotted cream, please - to hell with the waistline - at 70 I am entitled to enjoy myself!