Friday, April 03, 2009

Home from my wanderings

My month-long holiday is over and I am home again, to bask in the memories, and endeavour to get some of them down here on my blog. It has been exciting, emotional and exhausting - three characteristics that are guaranteed to make it memorable!

I thought for a few days that I had totally blown the holiday plan: I did something stupid and the inevitable happened. I know that I should not stand on stepladders and raise my head and arms to fix something over my head, or I am apt to get dizzy. But the clocks went foward, and my kitchen clock was misleading me and needed changing. So I stood on a pair of steps, took it down, advanced the hands, then hung it back up - a little tricky, as you have to look behind the clock to make sure the ring is going over the nail. And sure enough, after I stepped down, a wave of dizziness swept over me, which I knew from experience would at least leave me feeling groggy for two or three days. What is this strange perversity that overtakes us, and urges us to do the very thing we know we should avoid, at the very moment when it is most important to avoid it? I wish I knew.

I had a couple of days of pure panic, thinking I was not going to get away on my trip, but after being checked by my GP I was told to go home, do my packing, go on holiday, and stop worrying. So I did.