Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Are you a nibbler?

I have just found the perfect answer to my compulsion to nibble throughout the day.

I accidentally ordered fresh peas instead of frozen with my online groceries order yesterday, and my delight at rediscovering the forgotten art of shelling peas knows no bounds. Fresh, uncooked peas are almost as nice as frozen ones, and I have been slitting, popping and guzzling all day. I am sure I shall have added at least one of five veg portions in this way by the time I go to bed.

I do make a lot of silly mistakes in my ordering these days, as my brain slows down and my concentration goes, and my now ungovernable fingers, (for so long the reliable friends of a trained touch typist), yield to arthritis and double click keys or hit the one next to the target key.

I rarely order spirits, but I do like to have a medicinal brandy in the house, and the time came recently to buy a new bottle. So I ordered - I thought - a half bottle of brandy and three small cans of Canada Dry. Imagine my surprise when I unpacked my order to find THREE half bottles of brandy and THREE litre bottles of Canada Dry!!! I have ordered two instead of one of items in the past, but THREE....... It would take me three lifetimes to get through that lot.

I couldn't face trying to return the goods to the store ... I mean, how embarrassing! So I decided the spares would have to be given to a bottle stall on our local Village Day in July. This would give me a comfortable glow of good feeling to set against the involuntary stupidities of old age. But alas, the heatwave was too much for me, and I could only stay indoors on Village Day, blinds closed, all fans blowing, drinking as much water as I could remember to, and doing absolutely nothing.

So these surplus bottles remain in my back kitchen reproaching me for my carelessness - FREE TO ANYONE WHO CARES TO COLLECT!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My family photos find a new home


This is my father on his 1923 Model 16H Norton motorbike. As it happens I have not posted this picture before, even though a year or two ago I did a feature on my father's 'wheels' - that is to say his motorbikes and cars. Today some of those pictures have found a place on a website which celebrates the Norton motorcycle. John, the website owner, has managed to improve the quality of this picture, and so I have copied it back again from his website to post here.

This is the sort of exchange which really makes the internet, and blogging in particular, worth while for me. My mother and father are honoured again on a new blogsite, and John in Holland has found some more of his beloved Norton motorbikes to add to his blog.

I think I have at least one reader who will enjoy a visit to John's website, somebody else who loves his 'wheels'. Let me know what you think, Avus.