Monday, March 05, 2007

My father's "wheels"

These are especially for Avus, who I hope can identify the ones I can't!

1913 - My father aged 18-19, with his sister, on a 1912 Norton

Early 1920s - My mother on a Norton

1923 - My mother on another Norton

1923 - My mother, with my father's mother in the sidecar - make unidentified, but my father called her 'Matchless Maggie'

1920s - make unidentified

1920s - make unidentified

Undated and unidentified

Undated and unidentified

I'm wondering if that could possibly be a cage over the rumble seat with an airedale dog called 'Grip' inside it!

[Note :: All dates are approximate]


Lucy said...

Weren't those motor bikes long then?!
Anyone in my mother's family would have known about these, particularly my grandfather, whom unfortunately I never knew, he was in the trade. Lovely pictures.

leo said...

hello judith !!!
many thanks for the visit and the comment on my blog photo :)
I was really happy to read that my photo made you laugh.
congratulations for your blog and your age! you just seem a 30 old woman ;)

nice to meet you.

Avus said...

Thank you for this "present", Judith. I will try to identify some for you - but I am better at bikes than cars.
Pic 4: "Matchless Maggie" just has to be a Matchless
Pic 5: Is a Cotton - probably 350cc
Pic 6: Is a BSA
Pic 7; might be a Wolseley
Pic 8: Is an Alvis

Judith said...

Thank you, Avus, that's marvellous. I didn't know that Matchless was a make of bike. I did know Dad had an Alvis at one time.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh wonderful J. Love the wickerwork side-car!

Lucy said...

Judith, if you've a minute, would you pop across to mine and have a look at the last post? I hope you like it (nervously!)

matchlesspat said...

Hi, if you can email me a jpeg of the matchless I can probably identify and date it, I think it is a 1920ish Matchless H2 fitted with a swiss made MAG engine, I am restoring the same model at the moment! regards, Pat,