Wednesday, March 07, 2007

High waters

Two pictures I took in 2005, on a calm November day, of teazels at Pershore Bridges, on the River Avon in Worcestershire. Now have a look here at how it was on 4th March after four days of torrential rain - you can see a similar shot of the bridge (without the teazels) at about 35 seconds in to the video. There is a followup video two days later, by which time I would have had to have been swimming or in a boat to get those shots. The videos were made by my friend Steve Bell who appears in the second video, and his partner Sheila Joynes appears briefly in the first.


Pauline said...

Such lovely photos of yours. I have been in Pershore - had fish and chips by the River Avon. I can't believe how high the water is there now!

Judith said...

Thanks Pauline. Those pictures were a gift, really. My photography is very much point and shoot, hit or miss, and when something like that single glowing teazel happens, I have no idea how, so I can't do it again! It's as though it was sprinkled with fairy dust for a moment.

Avus said...

I think a lot of good photography has been the result of a photographer shooting off yards of film to get one good shot - it is now so much easier with digital.