Friday, October 15, 2010

Instant uplift

A friend who knows how I am feeling today has just come by with this enchanting little posy: a rosebud, a fuschia bud and a primrose, with a fern, some rose leaves, two kinds of herbaceous leaf and two browny sort of palmate ones - I'm no good at botany.

The little cream jug, of green Denby pottery, is barely three and a quarter centimetres high.

Getting back into the swing

I am finding it so difficult to get back into the way of blogging regularly. The truth is I write best when I am well, happy and confident, but not too busy; or, on certain occasions, when I am greatly moved even by unhappy emotions. But if I am depressed, or bored, or not feeling fit, then inspiration simply does not come to me. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Unfortunately I have not been feeling my best over the past three months. [By "my best" I mean coping with the impairments of age, helped by a well-balanced pharmacy, so that I am able to do with enjoyment most of the things I still want to do.] I put this weakness down initially to a heavy fall in July, (my second this year), in which I gave my ribs some severe bruising, which 13 weeks later has still not entirely cleared up.

But around the same time as the fall I had to go onto stronger drops for my glaucoma, and I suddenly began to put a few things together in my mind. The drops contain a beta-blocker, and although the ophthalmologist had said it should not affect my heart medications, the patient information leaflet said it might. So when I attended the Falls Clinic my GP referred me to, I told the consultant about the drops, and he recommended I should change them.

This I am about to do, as soon as my GP can decipher the ophthalmologist's handwriting, and convert the private prescription he gave me into a National Health Service one! Meanwhile, my heart gets rather slow now and then and misses beats, leaving me limp and lethargic. I hope to have a change of medication by Monday latest, and if that doesn't make a better woman of me, I shall have to look around for a good man!

Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it! Complicated, isn't it?