Friday, October 15, 2010

Instant uplift

A friend who knows how I am feeling today has just come by with this enchanting little posy: a rosebud, a fuschia bud and a primrose, with a fern, some rose leaves, two kinds of herbaceous leaf and two browny sort of palmate ones - I'm no good at botany.

The little cream jug, of green Denby pottery, is barely three and a quarter centimetres high.


Relatively Retiring said...

So sorry if you're feeling low, but what a charming gesture from a friend.

Susan said...

So sorry you have not been feeling 100%. Think that the nights drawing in and the cooler weather does not help. I know I have been feeling down since we returned from sunnier climes. Hope you feel better soon.

annie said...

That is adorable and what an uplift it must be for you-- so tiny and delicate. I hope it helps for masny many days. Good to hear from you.

Lee said...

Lovely to have people who can sense what you need and provide it.

den said...

what would we do without friends.
keep on truckin'

Natasha said...

Hello Judith,
I've never written you before, but I have been reading your lovely posts for a long time.I have known about you from the article about the most elderly bloggers in the world, published in the Russian newspaper.I do really appreciate your writing, especially the messages refer to the 1940-50th years with unique photos.
Thanks a lot.
I hope you will be feeling good soon.I know that this November is your 83rd birthday and your friends are likely to give you a lot of flowers. It's so nice that you have friends.
My best wishes to you.

Natasha Tseytlina
Russia, Moscow

Anonymous said...

well Judith,
glad to see your post, and envious of the fact you have friends who call in.
No one here to do that nice thing, no one phones or knocks.

Judith said...

Anonymous, I am sad for you that you do not have callers, and I wonder about the life you have that leaves you alone. I too, living by myself, am lonely at times, but your comment makes me realise how rich my life is notwithstanding. Perhaps if you had a blog, you could at least receive virtual visits from your readers, as I do. This has made all the difference to me in the past five years.

herhimnbryn said...

Knock, knock. How ya going Judith?