Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting back into the swing

I am finding it so difficult to get back into the way of blogging regularly. The truth is I write best when I am well, happy and confident, but not too busy; or, on certain occasions, when I am greatly moved even by unhappy emotions. But if I am depressed, or bored, or not feeling fit, then inspiration simply does not come to me. I am sure I am not alone in this.

Unfortunately I have not been feeling my best over the past three months. [By "my best" I mean coping with the impairments of age, helped by a well-balanced pharmacy, so that I am able to do with enjoyment most of the things I still want to do.] I put this weakness down initially to a heavy fall in July, (my second this year), in which I gave my ribs some severe bruising, which 13 weeks later has still not entirely cleared up.

But around the same time as the fall I had to go onto stronger drops for my glaucoma, and I suddenly began to put a few things together in my mind. The drops contain a beta-blocker, and although the ophthalmologist had said it should not affect my heart medications, the patient information leaflet said it might. So when I attended the Falls Clinic my GP referred me to, I told the consultant about the drops, and he recommended I should change them.

This I am about to do, as soon as my GP can decipher the ophthalmologist's handwriting, and convert the private prescription he gave me into a National Health Service one! Meanwhile, my heart gets rather slow now and then and misses beats, leaving me limp and lethargic. I hope to have a change of medication by Monday latest, and if that doesn't make a better woman of me, I shall have to look around for a good man!

Well, that's my story and I am sticking to it! Complicated, isn't it?


Avus said...

Hullo Judith
I have not been blogging regularly recently. However I return to visiting old friends and find you are not well. I do hope you can balance up the medications and get on an even and healthy keel again soon.
Warmest Best Wishes

annie said...

So good to hear from you, Judith and hope the change is medication will help. We have missed hearing from you and so these two posts will make a lot of us happy and relieved.The visuals are delightful, dancing down the page.


G in Berlin said...

I hope the medical change will help: I find when I have lung ill I have no energy and heart ill must be even more so. I hope increased oxygenation puts a spring in your step and that your dr. notes a new thought he should keep in his head.

Susan said...

I just love the pictures you have added to this post. Where did you find them?

herhimnbryn said...

Hallo Judith,
I hope the meds help things even out for you. MY husband's a great believer in, as he says, 'Better living through chemistry' (but he would be, being a chemist). Keep taking the tablets and be gentle with yourself.

First one step, then the next...

Anonymous said...

Hello Judith,
Sorry to hear you are not 100% well. I am worried about your falls during this year. Do you think you can take up some dancing lessons or social dancing in your community to train your balance and propioception? obviously the side-effects of your medication might play a role in your current health, but dancing is a cognitive-physical activity that might help. I must say that I haven't written often either, just because I am writing up my thesis. Please cheer up! I will be thinking of you. (Pensaré en ti, Aliviate pronto!) Besos! xx

Anonymous said...

Ah! and I forgot to say Thank you for visiting my blog, it was lovely to read your comments, many thanks!