Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Herts24 Web Awards

Sorry, dear friends, but despite the support of my regular readers, I was not selected by public vote for the shortlist of five in this competition. Never mind, it was fun while it lasted. The judges are now making their selections from the shortlists. Should you be interested in who did win in my category - (Personal / Family / Blog) - you can log in to Herts24 Web Awards and find the results there from noon this Friday, 30th March.

Thanks for your support, and ~
nil desperandum ~ sic itur ad astra !

And if you don't happen to have your Latin phrase book with you, you may be glad to know that these translate roughly as 'never say die' and 'this is the path to immortality' ~ by which of course I mean blogging.


Anonymous said...

Never mind Judith, it's plain the judges do not have a brain cell handy! Please don't stop blogging.

Pauline said...

Doesn't matter if you win honors or not - you still win with those of us who enjoy your blog.

Avus said...

I am with Pauline on this one!

Pam said...

hear hear