Wednesday, July 07, 2010

My family photos find a new home


This is my father on his 1923 Model 16H Norton motorbike. As it happens I have not posted this picture before, even though a year or two ago I did a feature on my father's 'wheels' - that is to say his motorbikes and cars. Today some of those pictures have found a place on a website which celebrates the Norton motorcycle. John, the website owner, has managed to improve the quality of this picture, and so I have copied it back again from his website to post here.

This is the sort of exchange which really makes the internet, and blogging in particular, worth while for me. My mother and father are honoured again on a new blogsite, and John in Holland has found some more of his beloved Norton motorbikes to add to his blog.

I think I have at least one reader who will enjoy a visit to John's website, somebody else who loves his 'wheels'. Let me know what you think, Avus.


annie said...

I always like your trips back i n time, Judith. Congrats for finding a second home for your father's "wheels'" And thanks for letting us enjoy them both places.

Avus said...

Thank you for the link, Judith - what an interesting site. I particularly enjoyed the image of the "shoe" sidecar complete with dog.
Nice that your parents joyful moment in time, back in the '20s, is now immortalised and available worldwide.

Real Live Preacher said...

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