Monday, September 19, 2005


"….. she did hope that at her age she wasn’t going to fall in love ….. And yet which of us can resist falling in love? Of all the manifold temptations open to humankind it must be the most captivating."
Sally Vickers - Instances of the Number 3

I fell in love a year ago
It was most unexpected
For I am rather old and slow
And he was younger, much, and so
My love it was rejected.

The body fails and beauty dies
But still the heart engages -
It learns to look and see what lies
Behind the face that meets the eyes
And takes no heed of ages.


But as a wise man once said -

Folly and wisdom
Are two sides of the same coin

- and I soon recovered my senses. It was an enlivening but unsettling experience,

brief as it was.


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Stephen said...

You're a woman of mysteries, Judith! :)