Sunday, July 23, 2006

Magazines for oldies

..... or wrinklies, or seniors, or pensioners, or young-at-hearts, or grey power, or however we are classified.

I must put in a word here for my favourite, indeed, my only magazine. Over recent years I have subscribed to a number of magazines for the retired and those who are “getting on”. The only one which has a balance of editorial and advertising matter which I find bearable, which has an intelligence and interest level which holds my attention, and which for me justifies a regular annual subscription, is The Oldie, edited by Richard Ingrams, previously of Private Eye. There are those who take issue with its politics from time to time, but I think this just adds to the interest, and gives rise to stimulating correspondence. It’s website is at

I tried to upload a scan of one of my favourite covers, and a couple of cover pictures I found on the web, but none of them would upload. Maybe they carry some sort of inbuilt copyright protection. I am sorry not to be able to use one for my promotional blog.

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