Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not been in the mood ...

... for blogging, lately. I've suddenly found myself having one of those runs when everything seems to have a problem with functioning properly. It's not been the mechanical equipment, or the electronics this time, but the poor old body machine, that modern medicine can keep alive, but cannot keep free of ailments and impairments.

It began with my osteopath taking a look at my posture and saying she thought I was shrinking, because my legs were looking longer, compared with my body, than how she remembered me. I am certainly at least 2" shorter than I was when young, so my GP referred me for a Dexa Scan to measure my bone density. I'm waiting for that.

Then I woke up one night, put on the light to go to the bathroom, and found I could barely see out of my right eye - everything was cloudy. It passed off in 15-20 minutes, but my GP said it might be a TIA or ministroke, and she would send me for a cardiovascular check to make sure the carotid arteries are not furred up. I'm still waiting for that.

I saw my ophthalmologist too, to be on the safe side. He found no cause for the sudden failure of vision in the right eye, but detected a cloudiness in the left eye which is one of the known complications of cataract surgery, and goes by the splendid name of posterior capsular opacification. Fortunately a simple laser treatment can put that right. I'm waiting for that too.

Meanwhile I have some routine dental treatment to be getting on with, and I can at least rejoice in the fact that my mammogram was clear!

The dentist has asked me to fill in a medical form, including current medication and past hospitalisations. When I look at the long list of surgeries I have undergone in my almost 80 years - how many times I have been cut and pasted, as it were - I do occasionally wonder if the extra years I have gained on my mother and grandmother have been worth it. But then, I consider my present quality of life, and I know I would still choose to live on if it came to the crunch.


Avus said...

Someone said (forgotten who - must be my age)when asked what it felt like to be 80, "It's better than the alternative".
Which is true, I suppose, if you continue to enjoy the world and have a positive (and humorous) approach to life - and you definately do, Judith.
The "vehicle" may become unreliable and hard to start at times, but it's still nice to go for a ride in it and look out of the windows.

Lee said...

Yes, the blogging mood waxes and wanes sometimes. Hope all the panel beating and remodelling goes well!