Saturday, January 05, 2008

No New Year resolutions for me .....

..... instead I have been indulging in some self-congratulation! I was vain enough to start a folder of 'reviews' of my blog in the early days, things which people said about it which I particularly valued, when I was not sure if my blog was of interest to other blog readers. Now, two years and four months along the line, I have been reassured by the many kind comments that have been made and I know for sure that it is. Readers have used the words: charming; wonderful; beautiful; original; inspirational.

That is heady stuff, which I repeat shamelessly because I have been so astonished to find such words in my comments box. But I don't mind being shameless, and I have undertaken to write openly of my feelings here. This is my way of acknowledging what unexpected gifts I have received, in return for the effort I have put into my blogging.

Further, the things my readers have written are a confirmation for me that old people do have a value 'at large', if they can find a way of expressing it, and so should not be overlooked or disregarded. We need to know this, as we become physically more tired and frail - it helps to keep us going!!! And through my blog and your comments you are helping me to say so to other oldies.

So I say thank you, thank you so much, for the things you have written, all of you, which comfort and enrich my mind, my heart, and my blogging.

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Avus said...

Give and take, Judith. You only get the comments because you have taken the time and trouble to write - it is a two-way thing.
Happy New Year.