Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh dear.....

I don't seem to be have done much posting here recently. I've been having a troublesome time lately coping with the effects of the new medications I was put on after my (ever-so-small) heart attack. They are not balancing out very well, and the overall effect is that my normally too-high blood pressure is now getting too low, and I have been having dizzy and fainty spells which are rather unnerving, and have stopped me driving for a while. My GP has made a small adjustment pro tem, so that I can go off today on a four-day holiday with my Growing Old Disgracefully friends - our annual 'springfest'. But when I come back I'm probably going to have to go back to the cardiac team who looked after my heart attack and have a drugs reappraisal. It all seems a lot of bother and fuss for something which hardly made me feel poorly at the time, but I suppose I must trust them - up to a point anyway.

Meanwhile, until I get back, here are some pictures taken at our G.O.D. Annual Gathering at Sneaton Castle, Whitby in 2005. We had been running an experimental workshop for all 80 of those attending, in which teams of 8 - working at 10 tables in one large room - each put together a plan for improving the way that the organisation was run over the coming year. The proposals were voted on and the winning proposal went on the agenda for the Annual Business Meeting the following day. After the vote we all went outside and released our balloons, each of which carried the name and address of the organisation.


Kate said...

Judith, I've been visiting your blog even though I haven't commented lately. I love the name of your group, Growing Old Disgracefully. I bet you have a great time together. I wanted to tell you that I've started a new blog, "A Fresh Start in a New Place." I don't know how to link it. But you can access it from my old profile page. Hope you will read it occasionally.

Code Name Nora (or Kate)

Lucy said...

Balloons are so joyful!

I hope you get the meds sorted and feel better soon.