Saturday, January 03, 2009

Big freeze on Lake Geneva 1956

Wishing everyone a wonderful year 2009!

[Note: there is a fabulous collection of photographs here of a similar ice storm in Geneva which happened in 2005. The pictures are understandably a lot better. They were taken by Jean-Pierre Scherrer.]


Lee said...

Funny, not one warm bone n my body wants to be there.

annie said...

Wonderful slide show, Judith. That was an amazing ice storm that they had in Switzerland in 1956. I went on Google to read about it.

Happy New Year!

Henry the Dog said...

Incredible. Makes me shiver. Mum says she's never seen anything like that. It's -7 here this morning. Never thought it would be so cold in the South West of France:) Happy New Year!

Avus said...

Nice slide show, Judith - but what Lee said! (Although I guess our mutual friend HHnB might disagree - it is 37 degrees C in Perth at present!)