Saturday, July 04, 2009

I don't like heatwaves...

... they sap my energy, fuddle my wits and make my feet hurt. My policy is to stay indoors, close curtains and shutters, open windows and doors, put on all of my three fans, and drink lots and lots of water. And it goes without saying ..... DO NOTHING!

The media don't help with their constant warnings to those who are most at risk: the elderly - ME; those with chronic health problems - ME; those who don't drink enough - ME, as I have to work really hard to remember. Though I did once feel very weird and unstable during the heatwave in 2003, and was really glad then for the advice that was being given out.

So enough of wingeing. The temperatures have come down below 30 degrees, and I am comfortable again, and can get on with some work. I'll maybe write about that in my next post.


annie said...

I HEAR you, Judith! Same for me. Somehow I missed hearing about the benefits of drinking water for too m any years. But now I slurp away. It surely helps but I really depend on an AC, central air or any kind of fans available wherever I am.

20th Century Woman said...

Oh, I hope it stays cool. I'll be in England next week helping my daughter move. As you say, heat is hard on old folks, and that'sM ME too.

Susan said...

We are suffering here in Tunisia big time...the temperatures have been pushing 38 degrees for ages and the humidity is very high. The heat at 7am, when we go to the souk, is hotter than most UK summers and it does not let up. Any small move and we have sweat pouring off us!!! Arrrrgggggg!!!!

The advantages? Swimming at 1am, sitting enjoying a coffee/mint tea at 2am in the coffee shop and sleeping away the day.

Hope you are all well over there and that the temps drop more for you.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

I LOVE that picture, Judith, and I agree with every word - but unfortunately I still had to go to work through the worst of it!

Judith said...

Sheila, I have to admit there really are times when one can be thankful to be old enough to stay at home!

Susan, you remind of when I was breast-feeding my first-born out in India - I seriously contemplated sitting in a bath of cool water to feed him so we didn't get glued together with sweat. I don't think I ever did though - and he and I both developed boils from over-heated blood!