Sunday, August 23, 2009

Been very busy.....

..... and now I'm just about to go away. Leaving tomorrow, Monday 24th August, for four days in Harrogate. It is the annual get-together of the disgraceful dames of the Growing Old Disgracefully Network. When I get back I will write about what's been keeping me away from blogging for a while.

Who amongst my readers is old enough to remember polyphotos? They were taken by a live photographer, not in a booth, and you got 48 different shots. This gave you plenty of choice for making enlargements, or if you were mean you just cut out one of the small ones (about an inch and a half square), These were taken in 1946 when I was 19.


Lee said...

Buswy's good. Have fun. See you when you return.

annie said...

I sure am old enough butI never had any experience with these-- you look good, though, Judith.
Have a disgracefully great time with your Disgraceful Dames, and I
am looking forward to your stories re your absence from blogging.

Avus said...

Yes, afraid I remember those polyphotos and can remember such a sheet with my mother's image, looking very much like your's with the same hairstyle.

Brother cartridges said...

I'm too young to look old yet too old to act childishly.

's all wrong said...

Wow Judith - I was BORN in '46!
Having read so much about your GOD peeps I would love to get involved - but I fear that on only the govt pension that I could not afford that luxury!
Are there any disbursements for well meaning but poor ........?
like me, I mean!!?
PS got a good brain, no artistic abilities whatsoever, but I bet I would love the craic!