Friday, October 02, 2009


Strange what bits of information will strike you in the course of listening to the news. A few days ago in one bulletin, I learned that I am six years older than the London Lost Property Office, and eight years older than Pinewood Studios.

I only managed to get 354 days start on Mickey Mouse, however, who was created by Walt Disney in 1928, and whose birthday is celebrated on the 18th November, eleven days before mine. I wrote about me and Mickey once before.


annie said...

My grandson (nearly 6) loves Mickey Mouse and we watch the "educational" Mickey on Disney Playhouse where the kids learn to count.

My favorite Mickey cartoon from 1941 is called LEND A PAW and it is on You Tube but you need to get the one that has 1941 in the title--the other one is only half of the clip. In it, Pluto is jealous of a kitten and he has an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.


Judith said...

Thanks Annie, I never thought to look for Mickey on YouTube. I must find out if my younger grandchildren eveer watch him.

annie said...

My grandson has been playing with the computer for some years. It seemed impossible at the time, but he just had the feel for it, and he slapped that mouse into submission from the get go. Your grandchildren may be great YouTube fans, already. And there is a lo-ong list of Mickey stuff there.

Granny J said...

So I'm a few months older than you -- and,m as I have just found out, a year and a half older than Mickey Mouse. I never knew! Thank you Annie for the URL!

Lee said...

I find it a bit spooky at times. My father in law, dead now, was born within 10 years of the first plane flight across the English channel. My eldest son was born 13 years after the moon landing. So much has happened in such a small time.

annie said...

Your welcome, Judith and Granny J. The URLs are tricky, though. My grandson and I went through several, this time, hunting the complete cartoon. It's the one with 1941 in its title. And they don't seem to last--our old one stopped working.

Kate said...

Hi, Judith;
Funny thing this blogosphere. How we meet people from all over the place through friends of friends.

I found yours about a year ago through Granny J's blog. Anyhoo... I stop by every once in awhile and am always guaranteed a good laugh. This morning was no exception! :))

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

I bet you wish you had kept that first edition of the comic, Judith. It must be worth a fortune now!

Anonymous said...

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