Sunday, April 04, 2010

User UNfriendly

I had my new Yellow Pages delivered last week.
  • First thing I noticed, it now covers a third area, along with the previous two.
  • Second thing I noticed, the book is only two thirds as thick as the previous book.

How did they do it, I asked myself?

  • Third thing I noticed, the print is now so small that it hurts my eyes to read, even with my bifocals on.

They may as well stop delivering it to me, for all the use it will be. My fingers may be able to do the walking for me, but who will do the reading?


Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

We put ours straight in the recycling bin. The print was too small, I could never find anything I wanted and my first instinct now is always to go to the computer. Yellow pages and Thompson's Directories are an anachronism for most people - and the people not of the computer age (present company excepted) are the ones who need larger print.

Lee said...

Don't use it myself, the on-line versions are just so much better.