Monday, January 21, 2013

Help us! We're begging you!


"No-one likes a nagging over their cornflakes. Actually, no-one likes to be told that they're lazy, unfeeling or cruel at all. But Britain, for God's sake, are you ever going to listen to these News stories about disability and care?"

So says Sue Marsh, a well respected writer and campaigner on behalf of people who are disabled. Please follow the link below to find out why we should all be listening and doing whatever we can.

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger: Help us! We're Begging You:



Anonymous said...

Judith - so sorry - I sent a comprehensive reply to your link, lost the lot at the point of loading it!
In summary - I have 'professionally' sick neighbours, have paid taxes for them on my weeny private pension but was then unable to load up my reply to their site.
FOR SURE not your problem, but they had 120+ replies and you appear to have had none?
The genuine people need to hunt out these leeches as I am unable to do so - they've got the system licked!

Pam said...

Judith, I hadn't looked at your two latest posts for some time; what an eye opener!

I've just watched some of Liz's One and Other performance from August 2009, and read some of what she has written, and Sue's piece is highly enlightening. I knew things were bad, but didn't realise just how bad.

Thanks for bringing it to my attention.