Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Coming Out

I want to live to be an outrageous old woman who is never mistaken for an old lady.
I want to get leaner and meaner, sharp edged, the colour of dirt
Until I discorporate from sheer joy.
Author unknown

I am old, and I mean to get a whole lot older. When you get beyond your three score years and ten, it is sometimes easy to believe that 'old' is all you are, and that the person you used to be when you were younger is no longer there. This blog is about not letting that happen. It's about being who you are up to the very last moment - and just possibly beyond (though that's for another day). I want to let people see through the well-worn physical container to the lively, curious, adventurous, playful, sexy, loving inner 'me', and to reconcile the two and integrate them, so that I am just one person again. In the spirit of this declaration of intent, here is a jingle I wrote when I turned 70, the same year that the picture was taken ~


I’m 70, you wouldn’t know.
They tell me that it doesn’t show.
It’s HRT that makes me glow.
I’m 70!

I’m 70 and not so quick,
But on the whole I’m in good nick.
It’s exercise that does the trick.
I’m 70!

I’m 70, I’ve lived a lot:
Four bonny sons have I begot;
I’ve loved, and laughed, and learned, God wot!
I’m 70!

I’m 70 and still a flirt,
At heart I’m just a bit of skirt!
And you should hear me "dish the dirt".
I’m 70!

I’m 70 and must confess
I love to put on fancy dress.
In fishnet tights I am the best!
I’m 70!

I’m 70 and like a frolic
To keep from being melancholic.
It’s better than being alcoholic!
I’m 70!

I’m 70 and having fun.
There’s so much waiting to be done.
What’s more, I know I shan’t die young!
I’m 70!


"He wore age like an accomplishment, not like a disease to be avoided" Jay Brandon - Local rule


Stephen said...

A most excellent start, Judith! I look forward to reading more. :-)

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

I wish I felt as young as you sound now! I'm wondering whether to write a poem for my 50th? Nah - won't be as good as yours. I'll leave it up to Keiwit!

Excellent content in this so far, Judith!

Keiwit said...

If I'm writing poems this good when I'm 70 I'll be a happy man!

Can't wait to see more.

Malcy said...

Phwoarr ! I see what you mean about the fishnets, madam ! I too am cursed with fine legs.

More power to your blog, Judith.


ian said...

Welcome to the blogosphere!