Sunday, August 21, 2005

Jake Thackray

You will find two links here to Jake Thackray websites, and if you are a lover of his songs I strongly recommend you look at both of them. The UNofficial Jake Thackray Homepage was for a long time the first and only source on the web, and is a very comprehensive discography with track lists, lyrics and album covers, and also details of radio shows, concerts, and covers by other artists etc.

The Jake Thackray Website is the home of the Jake Thackray Project, which was set up in 2002 to reissue some of Jake's work, most of which had become virtually unobtainable. A limited edition 2CD set was produced, but is now sold out. The Project continues to promote Jake's work in every way possible, and to hold 'Jakefests' once or twice a year at which the members get together to play and sing his songs and to have a fun time generally. This website has a forum for discussion of Jake's work, and for the Project members to communicate with each other off-topic as well. You will also find news of plans for further releases of Jake's work, and of other forthcoming events. Do check us out and come and join us.


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