Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

I am celebrating the start of the New Year with a picture which may seem rather boring, but for me it represents a splendid new beginning. My son Richard arrived for Christmas with a reconditioned computer for me and spent the holiday installing Windows XP and transferring all my data. My moribund 6-year-old PC with Windows 98 has gone to the dump, and I am rejoicing.

I have also acquired a neat little keyboard which is about 5" shorter than the standard one, and enables me to keep my mouse arm close to the body, and so avoid wrist and shoulder strain. The numeric keyboard is embedded in the main keyboard, and for a touch-typist like myself it is as comfortable to use as the standard one. The only awkwardness I find is that the Control key is no longer in the bottom left hand corner, and so I now have to look for it. The keyboard came from (a UK company) and is the KBC-SB001. Click on Small in the Search section.

Richard kept his patience magnificently as he wrestled not only with all the corruptions and nasties which had made a home in my old PC, but also with my inability to concentrate on technical matters, and my tendency to answer questions with irrelevancies. I owe him a great debt and in recognition of this here is a rather fuzzy picture of him at work at my desk. It was taken in a hurry to test the wonders of WindowXP Camera Wizard. (I wrote about Richard in my October blog under the heading of Spare Parts..)

I send my heartiest good wishes for the coming year to all my blogger friends ~ Judith

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Stephen said...

And Happy new Year to you also, Judith.

I hope your new PC gives you much enjoyment and satisfaction in the years to come.