Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A condom with a goldfish in it ...

How, you may be asking yourself, would anyone dream up a title like that? Well - that is exactly what I did, I dreamed it. I don't remember anything else about the dream except that I had had people staying in my house who were strangers to me, and that after they had gone, I went into my lavatory and found, hanging from the end of the toilet roll fixture, a condom with a goldfish swimming around in it!

I very rarely talk about my dreams, as however enthralling they are to oneself, they are almost invariably boring and unintelligible to others. But this I just had to share, for the sheer unimaginable absurdity of it. So if my readers needed any proof that I am a mad old woman, you have it now.

And I am still trying to work out whether, in my dream, my departing guest was leaving me a 'thankyou' gift, or giving me the finger!


stitchwort said...

Some of my colleagues at work believe dreams have a "meaning" - better not go any further with that!

Neurotic Mom said...

LOL sorry but your dream is making me laugh.
Perhaps your dream is telling you to go have some ummmm fun?