Sunday, April 16, 2006

Not dead yet - work is still in progress!

Just heard that one of my readers is concerned that I have not written in my blog for so long. It feels good to know I have an audience (of one at least!) on the other side of the Atlantic, who is interested enough in my blog to notice and care. Even with the slow increase on the hit counter, it is hard to believe that one is being read, and I would love to have more comments, even if they are critical. I enjoy being unexpected and provocative, but perhaps I am deluding myself in thinking that what I write is anything out of the ordinary these days. I am fairly sure that I do not conform wholly to the general stereotype of an old woman, but there must be many other atypical old crones out there, and I would love to read their blogs too.

Anyway, I am sorry not to be more regular with my entries. And I realise that with the title "Not dead yet!" I have created a heightened expectation of termination!! I even discussed with a good mate - only half playfully - the possibility of writing my own obit now, and lodging it with him, so that he could post it for me when I do eventually go. Perhaps I should address myself to that more seriously. After all, people leave final video messages for their heirs, don't they?

Two reasons for my recent silence: firstly, I am still much occupied and preoccupied with the health and wellbeing of my good old friend Michael, about whom I posted in my February blog about Growing Old: this leaves me tired and depressed, and feeling far from creative. And secondly: I use my blog to express the unfulfilled writer in me, mostly drafting my blogs in Word first and editing them carefully. The sort of off-the-cuff diary entry which I am writing now does not come so naturally. But thanks for noticing and caring.


stitchwort said...

Just a suggestion - perhaps you could write more about your LIFE than concentrating on the death we all have waiting for us; though I appreciate that the death thing is probably the main reason for your blog.
Love the coffin - is it cardboard? Where did you get it from?

Judith said...

You are right, I have been in rather sombre mood lately. Will try to rectify that. For coffin info see next blog.

Neurotic Mom said...

I've been reading but just rarely commenting.