Monday, October 02, 2006

Recording our memories

I have been lucky enough recently to find myself linked through my blog to a number of women writers, from hopeful beginners like myself to experienced professionals. This is a great pleasure to me, and will, I hope, prove to be a useful resource as well.

Pauline wrote of a book she had been given by her son and daughter-in-law, expressly designed for writing down her own life memories, and then giving back to the donors. In a comment I mentioned this book on the left, which has a similar purpose, and has helped to push me in the direction of writing my own memoirs. Although it only contains prompts, there are 33 chapter headings, with more than 30 different prompts in each chapter. It does not contain space for writing, but the authors suggest that one's record may be created by writing, or by using a tape recorder or video camera.

Mention of the book brought Wenda to my blog, so I am putting up these details for her.
The book was originally published by Doubleday in the United States in March 1993, ISBN No: 0-385-46797-4, and cost $ 15.95. It was brought back from America for me. I have had a look in but did not find it there. However, the second hand book market is a different matter, and if you are in the UK you will find copies at abebooks.

"Long lives yield many treasures", to quote from the book's jacket blurb - don't lose them!


Richard said...

I also have a good prompt book but I can't remember what it's called! That may sound lazy but I'm not at home at the moment and won't be for the next three and bit weeks. If I can remember it I'll let you know. I write biographies for a living (as yet unpublished but I've finished one and have another three underway) and occasionally dip into it for a bit of inspiration. If you search Amazon for "writing autobiography" in the reference books section there are many similar ones.

Wenda said...

Thanks for the details, Judith. Sorry it has taken me so long to get back here. All of a sudden the rest of my life got busy and in the way of my blog reading.