Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tongue in cheek

[My tongue-in-cheek emoticon, which I have rotated, does not enlarge too well, because of the diagonals, but I thought it worth a shot.]

Well, that last blog was fun, but I hope you realise I was 'having a laugh' - at my own expense of course! It was written in a moment of reckless abandon, and your comments are already giving me cause to think more carefully about what I said.

First and foremost (as he is in so much, good friend that he is) Stephen has called me on my "electrifying experiments", and I have had to admit that I cannot at present make good on that claim. I cannot recall any experience I could so describe, but perhaps it is yet to come!

Then I said I had no regrets. Well, I think that is probably true in regard to the majority of the men in my life, but certainly not all, and certainly not about every aspect of my life.

And finally I suggested that alliteration was 'vulgar', which upon reflection I wish to withdraw. In excess, yes, it may well be, but I am sure it is considered a legitimate device in effective writing. And Pauline took up the alliterative challenge with relish in the comments!

I think I must remember in future to use my 'cheekicon' to flag up the post, if ever I have any more moments of 'reckless abandon'.

And now, since we are rapidly approaching Halloween, I offer you my Witchicon, devised a couple of years ago to make a Halloween badge. It really works out quite well, I think. Maybe somebody else can make use of it too.


Pauline said...

Well, shoot - I was looking forward to reading about the purple passions lol. I'm all for reckless abandon.

Lillie said...

One of the finest things about a blog, I think, is that we are allowed to say, in public, those things we would often like to say in our "real" lives--discuss subjects that may not be comfortable or acceptable elsewhere, be they rude comments about our employers, wild wishes, or memories of reckless abandon. And then readers are allowed to see into the passions of others and find comfort in their own, and comment...or simply go read elsewhere.
Say what you will or won't, Judith. No regrets allowed!

Judith said...

Don't worry Lillie, I don't think I've lost my nerve. But I do like to feel that I can stand by what I have written, however reckless, and that I don't say things for the sake of effect only.

I do think though that employees may be nervous of saying what they think about their employers, in case they might be spotted and identified! Thankfully that is a constraint I do not have. I think I am probably only constrained by the wish not to hurt, embarrass or offend anyone I know.