Monday, January 15, 2007

An addition to my page

I have added links in my sidebar for my autobiographical posts, so that they can be read more like a single continuous piece of writing.

The narrative posts listed are a quick canter through my life in a chronological sequence. Within the texts I hope to put links to other autobiographical posts that have been written as stand-alone pieces. They are generally more carefully written, and tend to be pieces of special interest, humour or feeling.

I am also planning to put at the foot of each post a link to the next page. This will mean you will not need to return to the sidebar list as long as you continue reading, but only to find your place if you have stopped, and wish to start again.

This is an attempt to make things easier for my readers, and also to organise my material a bit better, and see whether it might justify having a separate blog of its own, or even, eventually, if it might expand into a book. Comments on this experiment will be greatly appreciated. Let’s hope it works!

Late news :: With the new blogger, it is now also possible to gather all my autobiographical postings together on the page, by clicking on the label 'life story' where it appears at the bottom of a post. They will not however appear in chronological order by this route.


Sublime said...

Hi Judith,

I found your blog doing the "Next Blog" thing at the top of the page. I am constantly looking for people with strong, diverse view-points of the world to visit my blog.  Judging by your blog, you seem to fit into that category.

If you are interested, check my Q&A blog called "The Big Question" at

If you get time, come answer a few questions (I post a new one each day). It's intriguing to see all the answers from the mixing pot of readers that visit.

Take care,

Pauline said...

Judith, I've spent a delightful half hour reading all your posts via both the sidebar and the links. Well done!

Anonymous said...

My grandmother wrote a book of her life and self published it.
She wrote like crap and totally ignored her 9 kids to talk about her fun times drinking with her work buddies, but still, it is good to have her life written down for future generations.

Judith said...

Yes, I was thinking about self-publishing. If I ever get as far as my kids, I'll try to do them justice. But now that I realise how much life there is to write about before I get there, I'm beginning to wonder if I have enough time left!

A couple of other points: an auto-biography is a very subjective thing; and writing about one's kids and other living people may impose restrictions of tact and confidentiality. We'll see - I've a long way to go yet.

Judith said...

Thanks Pauline. I am so glad it worked for you. I expect I shall find I have to do some reorganising as I go along, since the stuff is scarcely edited in terms overall layout before blogging it. There are certainly repetitions.

Ray said...

I have a blogg at and I need to figure out how to add to the sidebar, can you please tell me how you did it.

Judith said...

Cyberray, you seem to have plenty in your sidebar already! What is it you want to add? I only know how to add links to other web pages because I was shown how to copy the ones someone else put in for me. If that is what you want I will tell you how I do it. Anything else is beyond me! But you will have to begin by going to your Dashboard, then to Change Settings, then to your Template.