Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The urn's turn

I wrote here about collecting my husband's ashes from the funeral directors, and wanting to buy a nice urn to keep them in. After discussing it with my son, we decided to order this one on Ebay, even though it has to come from the American manufacturer, because it is just so right for my Michael. The shipping costs are almost as great as the cost of the item, but it still works out cheaper than the only posh urn the funeral directors could offer us.

Since placing the order I have enjoyed an exchange with the supplier which has taught me something about the value of the emoticon in emails. Following confirmation of my order the supplier sent me two advertising emails, simply drawing my attention to his catalogue. This irritated me, as I had only ordered one, and it seemed obvious to me that I would not have a regular need to buy cremation urns. Here is the rest of our exchange::

From me: Please stop sending me these notices. I have purchased one cremation urn from you, and am unlikely to need another until I am put in an urn myself.

From supplier: I'm very sorry--I took you off the list--------Paul

[At which point I thought I had been a bit terse, so ...]

From me: Thanks ~ I'll make a note of your name for my Executors! ;-)

From supplier: Happy New Year !! Paul

Now I am feeling good, and so will put Paul's link here and feel even better. [NB - his site appears to be under construction at the moment.]


Avus said...

Gee, thanks Judith! That is all I ever wanted for a new year's present - a link to a funeral director's site!
Like you, I ain't dead yet. I do not care if I have a plastic box for my ashes when the time comes - I shall be scattered out of it on the place that really matters - under the sky and in the sun.

Judith said...

Yes, well, actually I don't plan to be cremated, I want a green burial, and as soon as I can afford a plot I reckon to buy one.
I must admit this story kind of wrote itself as something to amuse me on a dull day. But we are probably going to be keeping my husband's ashes for 2 or 3 years until my son is next home from Australia, when we plan to scatter them on hilltop somewhere. So I wanted something nice to look at.

herhimnbryn said...

J, isn't it amazing how the world has 'opened' up via the net? I'm sure your husband would have enjoyed the exchange!

Pauline said...

Judith - this post made me chuckle. And it points out the benefits of kindness (even via emoticons, lol).

HHB is right - the world has opened up. I'm glad you will have something nice to look at for awhile and I've earmarked the site, even if I don't plan to earn my urn for a good long while.

Knowleypowley said...


Wonderful, something comes along to make you chuckle. As herhimbryn has said already, I'm sure Michael would have enjoyed this tremendously

Lee said...

I guess a Vegemite jar is a little too down market?

Peter Bryenton said...

So pleased to know you're still fully engaged with life, Judith.
Thank you for visiting my blog.

Judith said...

It's an interesting thought, Lee. Perhaps a catering size might do it! My husband being the man he was, an old paint tin would probably have suited him fine - he was never one for fancy containers.

paul said...

hello judith--paul here--the one that sold you the urn--i'm not a funeral director--i do this for a hobby to help someone in a time of need.
now i am not too good at this blog stuff--so be patient with me