Monday, February 05, 2007

Butterfly brain

I have never been much good at sticking to one thing and seeing it through ... unless, that is, I get into really serious campaigning mode, to try to right a wrong, or bring about some necessary good. I have found myself caught up in such efforts several times since my retirement, and have invested a great deal in them. But when it comes to hobbies and pastimes, I am apt to flit and flirt and dabble and dally, but never to finish.

I attended a couple of craft workshops in the past year, and got all excited by what I produced there, rushed out and bought materials, and then left them sitting in boxes waiting for further attention. One was about making patchworks of fabrics which could be scanned to make greetings cards.

Another was about Kumihimo, the Japanese art of braiding. I came home and did a few more with leftover embroidery wools, bought a couple of starter kits ... and stopped.

Also I have a drawer full of favourite fabrics, many of them from clothes which I couldn't bear to throw away, which I want to make up into covers for scatter cushions to have around the house. I made two for my first granddaughter, two for myself and then, once again, I stopped.

Then there are all the computer projects: my autobiography, which has hardly got into gear yet, though writing for my blog is helping. But I have a huge list of topics I want to write about but haven't got around to yet. And the photographs: CDs for my sons with pictures of their mum and dad, and CDs of each of the boys with their own families; and an archive of ALL the old family pictures I have inherited, which means hours of scanning.

And I am not keeping up with my photographic blog either, nor all the online email groups I have joined, nor all the blogs I like to visit, and..... and..... and..... HEEELP!!! i'M ...... =:O =:O =:O


Avus said...

Too busy? Better than being the other way, Judith.
You are an inspiration - my wife visits the local care home each Friday to help with a social meeting - she has 80 year olds there who just sit in a chair all day staring out of the window and others who will sit until lifted to stand and wait to be spoon fed.
"Rage, rage against the dark" and good for you!

Pam said...

So it's not just me then? What a relief!

Amanda said...

Hi Judith - I love you blog. I too have many hobbies that I spend hours, weeks, months - every minute of the day - on and then I move onto something else....I seem to bust and burn...eventually I will return to them but I can't seem to keep all the balls in the air at once! :)