Thursday, May 17, 2007

No recall

I hear voices from the past
Telling me that I was wrong
And I'm listening at last
To the meaning of their song

And I'm feeling so much pain
For the hurt that I caused you
If I had the time again
How much better I could do

But the saddest thing of all
And the hardest pain to bear
Is to know there's no recall
For you are no longer there


Helen said...

A beautiful heartfelt verse, Judith, but I tend to disagree. He IS there and forgives you everything. Surely he would not want you to continue to suffer like this?

Judith said...

Of course, I understand what you are saying, Helen. But he is not there for me to say what I should have said to him directly, as I should have liked to do. And writing about it in this way helps me to deal with it, and, hopefully, to let go of regrets and remorse.

Lee said...

That's a good attitude, Judith. Writing things down can give them some substance. A most touching verse.

Pauline said...

Writing our thoughts, talking to ourselves and others, reliving and changing the ending of past incidents even though that path can't be walked outside our imagination all help us cope with feelings of remorse by letting us aplogize finally to ourselves.

herhimnbryn said...

Just write it down J, just write it down. This is such a heart felt poem.

Avus said...

There will always be regrets, J.
"Why did I not say/do that, to him/with him, when I could. - and now we never can. I feel it to over loved ones who have died.
Some of this feeling comes over at this site:
(watch with your sound on)

Judith said...

Thanks, Avus, that was lovely. It's a really nice concept, that of the 'dash' being the bit that matters.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

I wish I could find something magical to say to put it right for you, Judith. I just hope it helps your healing process to be able to express your thoughts so poignantly.