Saturday, July 28, 2007

Response to comments

There is a fault in my comment section at the moment. The security window keeps popping up repeatedly and getting in the way of the comment box so comments can't be keyed in. This is happening on my own blog, and some of the other's I visit too. So I will have to make the responses I want to make here in a new post.

Climbing Trees (Genealogical research)

Paul ~ Yes, such a tool would be invaluable. On Avus's suggestion I took a look at, and thought it looked very promising. However, as soon as you get past the first page of interesting basic data, you have to sign up for a subscription (around £79.00 for a year), or a free 14 day trial. But even for the free trial you have to give them your card details, so they can charge you the minute the trial is over, if you haven't remembered to cancel. I just am not prepared to play that game.

My brother, who is the serious researcher in my family, tells me:

"There has, over the years, been a lot of criticism of in that they are very ready to take your money and reluctant to allow you to cancel. I don't know if this is still the case, although I suspect they may have pulled their socks up. I know that they are very widely used, however."

Avus ~ As you are happy with, perhaps you would tell us how you get the best value for money out of their system. Do you go for the full year's subscription? Have you tried Pay Per View (£6.95 for 12 views of records over 14 days)? I should be most interested to hear. I think there is an American website too, but I don't know about one for Canada, Paul.

The Sun

Julie ~ Thanks for the link to the cloud website. I agree that coudless blue skies can be quite wearing if the sun is in pitiless mood. I should no doubt be grumbling about heat exhaustion if we were to get that sort of weather to replace this.

Sharon ~ Nice to see you here again. I'm afraid I've been a bit short on inspiration in the last few months.


stitchwort said...

Comments box is working fine and showing up just as normal on my Mac, using Firefox.

Avus said...

I have always used the Pay per View for 12 views - it is usually sufficient and does not break the bank if I need another 12. I certainly would not sign up for a year at 79 quid!

Judith said...

Thanks, Avus, I think I shall give it a go. I reckon I shall need to plan my questions a bit carefully though, or I shall use up my 12 following useless leads.

stitchwort said...

Do you know about FreeBMD? They have got most of the GRO stuff transcribed and searchable for free, and now if you click on the "pair of spectacles" symbol you can see the scan of the original GRO page.
Don't know how to make a link from the comments box, but if you google "FreeBMD" you'll find it.
Only back to 1837 - before that you need parish records.