Tuesday, October 09, 2007

More blessed to give .....

I wrote here some time ago about the Freecycle organisation, for recycling goods which you no longer want, but which are still serviceable. I have been making good use of it lately. A year of helping my sons to tidy up my husband's possessions has left me convinced that I must do something about my own junk NOW, before I go. And this is not only for their sakes as my executors, but for my own too: with the extra boxes of my husband's stuff which are still cluttering two spare rooms, I have begun to feel seriously burdened by all the clutter around me. So I have made a start on sorting and throwing out ..... and I am on a roll. Having got going I am finding it hard to stop. I lie awake at night thinking of new areas of operation, and restraining myself with difficulty from jumping up there and then to get at them.

But it is not just the satisfaction of clearing out which keeps me at it. It is the much greater reward of finding homes for stuff which other people are really glad to have. Many of them send me emails after collecting something,
to tell me how pleased they are.

One woman who had a pair of red curtains (which I didn't like), sent this email:
Just like to say they bring sunshine type brightness into my room. Thank you very much.

Another said:

Thank-you very much for the wool and paper. My oldest son (who designs cartoon characters) already has a couple of designs ready for me to make into small stuffed 'critters' . The paper has been half snapped up for the children's club, and the other half my youngest son wants to try paper weaving with. Thanks again.

And finally:

I am just writing to say thank you so much for the cot sheets. I am guessing they must be quite old, as it is virtually impossible these days to get such lovely quality linens. The cotton is so soft, it almost feels like velvet - the only other place I’ve ever found sheets like that was in my Nan’s house! They are very much appreciated, and our little boy will get many, many nights of lovely sleep in them. We will pass on the pink ones to our neighbour, who has just had a little girl.

This family sent me a photo of their baby, and when they came back a second time for something else, they brought him with them to show him off to me.

It's a win-win activity, and no mistake.


Lee said...

Most definitely blessed!

Granny J said...

FreeCycle must be around the globe! I've used them several times to find better homes for some of my clutter -- and I obtained a wonderful large mail box from a FreeCycler.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

I know of a lady who decided to have a "placement year" - a similar idea to yours, just placing things she cared about in the care of people she knew would appreciate them when she had gone.

Judith said...

I love that idea Sheila, but I don't think I could bear to part with my treasures except by will!