Thursday, October 11, 2007

More punches

Here is a cartoon drawn by du Maurier in 1888, the same artist who drew the "curate's egg" cartoon , entitled "True Humility", from which Lee took the title of his blog. The caption should be legible if you click and enlarge the picture, but in case you can't read it:

Edwin (suddenly, after a long pause). "Darling!"
Angelina. "Yes, Darling?"
Edwin. "Nothing, Darling. Only Darling, Darling!"
[Bilious Old Gentleman feels quite sick.]

The caption is part of my cultural heritage - I think my parents must have quoted it to each other often in their soppier moments!

This one I love particularly for the charicature of the 1920s styles, and the absurd posturing, both physical and verbal, of the shop assistant.

And how about the 'sugar daddy' in spats in the background, whom one can imagine being called upon to pay for the sorry remains of the obliging animal. I remember my grandmother's generation wearing fox furs - head, legs, tail and all, with glaring glassy eyes - draped around their necks, and there was one in my dressing-up chest for years, until I learned to dislike it and chucked it out.

Drawn by Beauchamp in 1929.

Assistant. "It suits Moddam perfectly. One would think the animal died for Moddam!"

[The cartoons are Punch copyright, and are reproduced here with the kind permission of Punch Ltd ]


Lee said...

Thank you for these.

It is a pity Punch went belly up.

Avus said...

I love the expression of the(eavesdropping) guy on the bench!
And yes, I remember my grandmother's old fox-fur with the beady eyes - I dragged it around on a string as a small boy and can still "smell" its furry, camphor, perfumey smell. Thanks for a forgotten memory, Judith.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

Can you tell me what the caption says, Judith? I can't read it.

Judith said...

Sorry Sheila. The pictures should enlarge if you click on them, so the captions are legible, but I've built them into the text too, now.