Sunday, November 11, 2007

Candles for Archie

My youngest grandson was born with holes in the heart and a faulty valve. He has had to spend two long spells in hospital (with his mother) having the necessary surgery. On the second occasion he caught a version of the MRSA bug, and nearly died. On both occasions I set up a candle 'vigil', keeping a candle burning day and night, except when I left the house. It was a good way of keeping him in my thoughts and prayers while he was most at risk.

I have just found on my computer this list of the actual candles I burned, which I sent to my daughter-in-law for her amusement. I reprint it here to remind me, and to give thanks for the life of a small boy who was so nearly lost to us:

Candles for Archie - I - 2003

1 two inch wide decorative candle
3 aromatherapy candles in tins
2non-smokers' candles
1 crisis candle (for heat and light in power cuts)
3 dinner table candles
6 plain household candles
2 tealights
1 candle stub pinched from Church by my husband
numerous stubs stuck on top of other stubs to finish them up

Candles for Archie - II - 2005

While staying with the older children

Pink aromatic candle in kitchen
One thick candle in a plain whisky glass
Part of two thickish candles with coloured streaks in
Umpteen tealights in various holders
2 Jewish anniversary candles
1 medium church candle

Back home

1 thick red-coated candle
Part of 1 Christmas candle in a glass
3 household candles
Several stubs stuck on top of other stubs
5 aromatic candles in pots
3 Jewish anniversary candles re-dedicated for sustaining life (24 hours)
1 super-thick church candle (80 hours)
1 medium church candle (30 hours)
Uncounted tealights (4 hours)


Sharon said...

1 candle stub pinched from Church by my husband..


CodeNameNora said...

Lovely blog. So happy to find it. Want to read more.

Sheila Joynes' Musical Diary said...

That's a lovely idea, Judith. One of your simplest, best and most moving. I know at the time we were most concerned about Archie and so delighted when he pulled through but I never would have thought of keep a candle burning for him.