Friday, November 16, 2007


Tomorrow I have a handyman - rare and valuable species - coming to do a lot of odd jobs for me that me and my young cleaner-companion cannot manage between us. I like to have what you might call a 'tame' handyman in my address book, but I lost my last one a year or two ago, and this is a new one who's just been recommended. Here's what's on my list to be done:

  • Put up a rail on the side of my staircase where there isn't one (for creaking downstairs in the morning.)

  • Put up a blind in my sitting-room window.

  • Assemble a cheapo bedside cabinet I have bought from Argos for storing family papers.

  • Move furniture about in my newly created 'archive room' (converted from a child's bedroom).

  • Fit a new toilet seat.

  • Put up a batten with three prongs on it (made yonks ago by my husband), on which I can hang carrier bags for collecting plastic, tins, and aluminium for recycling.

  • Put up a curtain rail.

  • Put a protective corner piece on an angle of wall which gets regularly bashed by my young woman with the vacuum cleaner.

  • Remove a brown flex clip which is retaining a white aerial, and fit a white one instead.

  • Push my washing machine and tumble drier back against the wall which they have walked away from with the vigour of their spinning.

I wonder if he would cut my toenails for me as well - that's becoming almost impossible too.

But I rather fancy this one.....

Night all ~

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Granny J said...

Oh, my -- I've got to get me one of them! Your list is short compared to mine...