Thursday, December 24, 2009

A game for Christmas

When you are feeling sated and dull-witted after eating your Christmas dinner, try this little test to wake up your brain cells. Save the picture and print it (preferably on card). Then cut the image up into its four separate rectangles, and follow the instructions given.

Best of luck!


Lee said...


Avus said...

Hey! I do not pass by for a while and when I come back you have a "stretched" blog!
It makes good use of the screen. Where did you get that and how did you do it, Judith?

Judith said...

Avus - I am completely baffled! I have not noticed any difference. My short-term memory is so useless these days that I can't remember the detail of a web page from one day to the next!.

I have not done anything to stretch my blog. What exactly is it you observe? Wider? Longer? I get a sense of there being more space but I can't see what's changed.

Avus said...

Well, perhaps you have always had a full screen bog, Judith and I had not noticed before.
Having been playing with my blog maybe I am taking more notice of the format of other's

Avus said...

No postings for a while, Judith. I hope all is well with you?

Lucy said...

I too am hesitantly asking Avus' question... is all well with you there?