Friday, October 21, 2005


These were written for special life events; they rose in the heart when feeling was strong ~

For a son and daughter-in-law, after visiting them ~

The heart rests in the
home of loved ones - troubled thoughts
once more find stillness.

For a good friend ~

Permission to hug,
dear friend, how shall I seek it?
No need - you kissed me.

For the birthday of an absent son ~

Whether you're here or
somewhere else, I celebrate
your birth at all times.

For a late love ~

The roses bloom late
in my garden -
will they not
bloom also in yours?

Buds are opening
but will the frosts of winter
stop their tender growth?

For a special holiday retreat of the past ~

Gift of grace and peace -
I weep with loss and longing
but do yet rejoice.

[© Judith Taylor 1994-2004]

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