Thursday, October 20, 2005


This poem was inspired by a London scene on television.

[Oil on canvas by Charles Wheeler c. 1952]

Windows of high reaching office towers
Forming blank walls, tile-like
Reflecting, unrevealing and cold

Windows, twinkling and beaming
Bright under cottage roofs
Inviting into warmth and life - our dreams

Windows, in rows of matching bays
Neat, modest and screened by genteel whites
Seeing out but never in

Windows in penthouses and architects' homes
Great spaces of glass that bring the view inside
Mesmeric, vertiginous and grand

Windows in aeroplanes and trains
Holding you contained as you go
From here to there, never staying

Windows on the computer screen
Endlessly playing hide and seek
Layer upon layer, open and close

Windows into the soul, the eyes
Giving each other trust and love
Telling us that we are one

[© Judith Taylor 2002]

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