Friday, October 21, 2005


This cartoon is for those of my friends who nobly set aside their workday duties in order to enliven the boredom of my retirement with on-line communications.

"Have I shocked you?" I wrote to Keiwit. We were exchanging emails because we were temporarily denied access to the on-line forum where we usually meet. He had just remarked that there were a number of postings on my blog which he hadn't read yet, and then he seemed to go rather noticeably quiet. Knowing that one of those blogs was "Echocardiogram", I wondered if my oldie frankness had been a bit too much for him. Far from it! This is what he wrote in reply:

"The stuff you write is so interesting and in some cases eye-opening that it doesn't shock so much as just say "well what did YOU think?" I love it."

Considering that this blog is primarily aimed at my own agegroup, those words from a young man still in his twenties are an accolade indeed, and encourage me to keep going. I alternate between moods of determined fearlessness and knee-wobbling self-doubt, which is at least stimulating, and may in fact be an excellent form of exercise for the heart. So I shan't stop yet.


Keith D said...

So stop with the self-doubt already. You have no cause for it that I can see. Everything you post is thoroughly worthwhile, normally on more than one level or in more ways than one.

Keiwit said...

My comment has already been made in your post, but I will add that I agree with Keith D, you have no need for self-doubt.

Keep going.