Friday, June 09, 2006

Golden Wedding Day

Today is my 50th wedding anniversary, but because my husband is ten years older than I am, and very frail and unwell, there was no question of a formal celebration. So I am celebrating now in my own way by posting some pictures of our wedding. Here I am arriving at the church in my home village of Alfrick, near Worcester. Those who know me well may speculate, with tongue in cheek, as to why I have my father on one side of me and a policeman on the other!!

When we decided to get married in 1956, we had already known each other for nine and a half years, meeting and parting more than once, then pushing off to jobs abroad, he in Bombay and myself in Geneva. Then finally, when he stopped off in Switzerland on his way home on leave, we managed to get it together!

Here we are leaving the church after the ceremony. You may be surprised that I didn't wear white back then. Well, in those days it was still considered to be the badge of virginity, unlike today, and I was essentially an honest girl!

When it was 'going away' time, one of the ushers, a neighbour and close friend of my younger brother, had the original idea of using chopped chaff to throw over us instead of rice or confetti - something readily available in a farming community. He was not easily forgiven, as the day progressed with a considerable amount of itching and prickling of our persons!

(I had another pic I wanted to post, but I can't get it up here for love nor money, and I've been trying for hours. So maybe I'll do some more tomorrow.)


Arcticman Speaks! said...

Congratulations! I'm celebrating my 50th birthday this month. I hope your husband is doing better. You both look so happy in those pictures and your current picture is great too. I think your blog is charming. Take care.

Pam said...

Lovely pics, and nice read Judith! Love the comment about your dress - really suits you!