Sunday, June 25, 2006

A Wealth of Wonderful Women

Belonging as I do to an organisation for older women, (see my link to Growing Old Disgracefully), I often find myself playing with words around the conditions of old age and femaleness. Hence this alphabet, which is one of two being written at the time, so I had to search hard to find different words.

An Assortment of Animated Ancients

A Bustle of Bouncing Biddies

A Carnival of Cavorting Crones

A Dance of Disgraceful Dowagers

An Eruption of Emancipated Eves

A Frolic of Flamboyant Females

A Gang of Gambolling Geriatrics

A Host of Hippy Housewives

An Invasion of Irrepressible Individuals

A Jig of Joyful Judies

A Kaleidoscope of Kinky Kinswomen

A Landscape of Lovable Lasses

A Meddle of Mischievous Matrons

A Nest of Nurturing Nannas

An Orgy of Overindulgent Oldsters

A Posse of Partying Pensionsers

A Quiver of Quarelsome Queenbees

A Romp of Riotous Returners

A Swoon of Seductive Seniors

A Tirade of Troublesome Termagants

An Uprising of Unquiet Uxores

A Vision of Vivacious Veterans

A Wealth of Wonderful Women

An X-rating of Xenophobic Xantippes

A Yoke of Yodelling Young-at-hearts

A Zest of Zany Zimmerers


KAZ said...

I like the S one myself. Could I substitute sixties for seniors.
Or is that a bit ageist?

Judith said...

Well, it was designed for older women covering several decades - our oldest member is over 90, I think. But feel free to use your own adaptation of it, if you fancy.