Sunday, June 11, 2006

Unheard conversations

While looking through my wedding photographs for the previous posts, I came across these two which I particularly like, but which didn't fit in with the Golden Wedding theme.

Here my mother is talking to me, and I like to imagine her saying something like: "Don't worry dear - just lie back and think of England", while I think to myself: "Give over Mum, we've been through all that already!" Or more likely: "Hmm... if only she knew!" What was actually being said I no longer have any idea.

Here I am whispering to my second cousin, who was married to my first cousin, and I know what I was saying.
I was telling him that underneath my wedding dress I was wearing a pair of black nylon pants with little red hearts all over them, and that it was his naughty wife who had given them to me!

Ahh.....happy days!

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Sharon J said...

What wonderful, candid photos!