Saturday, September 02, 2006

Creepy crawlies

This is the caterpillar of the Sycamore Moth

This is the caterpillar of the Elephant Head Hawk Moth

It's caterpillar time round my way. I will leave them to speak for themselves while I go on holiday for a week. I'll be back in my blogging chair again by Monday 11th September. Hope you'll miss me.


KAZ said...

The top one looks just like my hair when an experimental colouring session went wrong. I'm almost glad it's been raining for a month so I can wear my hood.
Have a great hol!

Knowleypowley said...


Of course we'll miss you, have a wonderful holiday and we look forward to seeing the snaps

stitchwort said...

That top one - now I see where the ideas for new knitting yarns come from!

stitchwort said...

And Judith - enjoy yourself, and don't do anything we wouldn't do while you're away.
(That might leave plenty of scope.)