Sunday, September 03, 2006

One blog or two?

Just time before I go tomorrow to leave you with a question.

Now that I have begun to write autobiographical pieces, such as those about my childhood and schooldays, I am toying with the idea of putting them in a second blog, so that it reads more like a continuous life story. I have noticed that quite a lot of people have two or more blogs, but I am afraid I might lose some of my readers if I diversify!

So, if anyone cares to tell me if they think they would read two blogs by me, or if it is more interesting all packed in together, I shall be very grateful for your comments.


Knowleypowley said...


I think it's an excellent idea. I would definately visit both as I find your autobiographical so wonderful

Gert said...

1 blog, for you: Keeps focus - it's easy to forget about/neglect a secondary blog

For your readers: same, also it's nice to read blogs that have a mixture of content (IMO)

Multi-blogs: For you, helps to keep the identities separate. Can be important if you have friends and fmaily reading one, but you don't want them to see the other one

For readers: I use which crawls blogs to see when they're updated, which eliminates the irritating factor of clicking on blogs that aren't being updated but also means I don't lose them (I read one this morning which said 'sorry for not updating since February'!)

Personally, I think you should mix and match, because that will project different aspects of the same person

Josephine said...

Hi Judith~ I've found my way here via knowleypowley and herhimnbryn...

I think it's a good idea to have two blogs!

I will definitely be reading this one, or both, either way, you are an excellent writer and I don't think it would inhibit any of your readers to have a seperate blog for your life stories!!

Best Regards ~ Josephine

Mildred Garfield said...

Hi Judith

For me, one blog is enough. I try to update once a week, I mix and match, whatever comes to mind is what I blog about.

I like having everything in one place but that's me.

To each his own.

herhimnbryn said...

I'd read both J. But go with what is most convenient for you.

DellaB said...

Hi Judith,
My input is one blog only, mix and match for reasons others have already mentioned.

But, it is possible to have your posts listed in 'categories' - I have seen this on many blogs, so you could perhaps do the separation that way?

Hope you are having a lovely holiday.


Sharon J said...

I have an autobiographical blog as well as a general blog and prefer to have things split in that way. There are those who are interested in one but not the other and those who read both.

I'd definitely read both your blogs, no doubt about that.

Judith said...

Thanks to all of you who have made thoughtful and helpful comments. Opinions are equally divided up to now, so for the moment I shall leave things as they are - but anything could happen!

Sharon J said...

You know how to leave your audience with its breath baited, don't you Judith? :-)