Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Old Women's Project

"The word 'old' is a statement of fact, not a matter of shame. We claim it, believing that as long as it is humiliating to be called old, it will be humiliating to be old."

This is a direct quote from the website of The Old Women's Project, whose views about ageism and sexism are closely parallel to ours in Growing Old Disgracefully. They are not a membership organisation however, but a group of three women in San Diego in the United States, who are committed to campaigning on social and community issues which affect old women. I found much on their website which made me think, and if you are interested in this particular topic - (which you should be, regardless of age or sex) - I recommend you to have a look, particularly at their page on Examples of ageist comments and how to respond to them, and Guide from OWP language police.

I emailed them to say I had found and enjoyed their website, and gave them the link to G.O.D. One of them emailed back to say she had visited our website and "was energized by it. I love the look of you women--you look smart and engaged with life, as though you have the same mix of seriousness and real humor that I like to think we have."

Thankyou to my reader Herhimnbryn who put me on to the OWP website. Her blog Secret Hill is worth a visit too.


Sharon J said...

Very interesting, Judith, and as you say, a lot of thought provoking material can be found there. Thanks for pointing me in that direction - I believe I'll be writing a few articles on the subject :)

stitchwort said...

Judith -
I just googled *old women*, and the first 4 sites listed are PORN!
What does that mean?
Wow, still desirable after 40/ some people can only think in terms of sex/ strange people on the internet.

herhimnbryn said...

J. Isn't the blogging world amazing? One link leading to another and another............
I am 47 next month and am proud to say I have been disgraceful for years!
Thankyou for the link.

Gert said...

I love the response to ageist (or other 'ist' comments, and, I would argue, almost any insult)

'with no trace of hostility or sarcasm, and ask with genuine puzzlement, “What do you mean?”'

Probbaly easier said then done, but maybe worth practising