Tuesday, April 03, 2007

All change

My friends Sheila and Stephen came to visit me this weekend. It was Stephen who helped me originally to set up my blog, and with him at my elbow again, I plucked up the courage to embark on customising my layout.

[Photograph by Sheila Joynes]

I was excited about the possibility of changing my template, as there were features in other people's blogs which I wished to have in my own. However, when I came to experiment, and selected two templates that I liked, I found that among other shortcomings, both of them, having slightly narrower pages than my old one, had a bad effect on my past posts. My careful layouts of photographs had all gone to pot, and I decided to stick with the old template, but to give it a change of colour, and add some new stuff which is now possible with the new blogger. I shall probably go on experimenting, at least with font colours and sizes, but I shall stick with the red header for the time being, and I hope you will be able to recognise it when you visit.


Pam said...

Very impressive! Well done Judith and Steve!

Pauline said...

I love the motto - constant change is here to stay! I always enjoy reading here - and you've spruced things up nicely.

Avus said...

Nothing like a fresh look at things - keeps us on our toes - I have thought about changing my blog but, like you, have got used to how the photos fit. Maybe I will give it a go

AVCR8TEUR said...

Hi Judith, Sorry I haven't had the chance to visit your blog for awhile. I love the color change.