Friday, April 20, 2007

New acquisition

There was an unexpected benefit for me from entering my blog in the Herts24 Web Awards competition. Although I was not placed, I found a new name for my blogroll, an artist who lives just down the road in the next village to mine. During the competition, she visited my blog and left a message, and I visited hers, and we have blogrolled each other.

Julie Oakley set herself a challenge: to walk a minimum of one mile from home, record where she's been with a drawing, sculpture, photo or painting and then walk back - every day for a year! Yesterday was her 357th day, so she's obviously going to make it.

As Julie's pictures are scenes from my local area, I really enjoy looking at them. This one has a special appeal for me though, as it reminds me of spring in the countryside where I grew up, and of my mother who used to send me snowdrops by post when I lived in London!

Julie's pictures are for sale, and I have this morning received a signed print to hang on my wall. It is rather special to find something like this which you weren't looking for and didn't know you wanted, but which is immediately recognisable as a valued link with the past.


Lee said...

What a lovely idea!

Anonymous said...

I saw Julie's link from your site and have enjoyed her pictures (both word and colour). I'm possibly about 20 or so miles to the north of you both.