Friday, December 07, 2007

"Balloons away!"

Granny J commented on my previous blog: "If the balloon had to go away, it would have been far better had it flown many miles of its own choice." I replied that she had caught my sentiment exactly. And then I thought of these two pictures in my album.

The occasion was the annual gathering of members of Growing Old Disgracefully, the women's network I belong to. (We were at Sneaton Castle in Whitby.) We had set up a massive workshop for 80 people at once, (10 teams of 8), to discuss how we should be running the organisation, and the winning proposal was put on the agenda of the business meeting the following day.

Each team table was decorated with a group of three balloons, and there were labels attached with contact details for the organisation. At the end of the afternoon's hard work we trooped outside with our balloons and released them into the sea breezes of Whitby. You can see how joyfully we did so.

PS ~ I have been hearing recently of people releasing balloons at funerals - an absolutely splendid idea which I propose to copy. It is so good to observe the growing trend towards joyful celebratory events on these occasions.,


Anonymous said...

I've told my daughter that I want fireworks at my funeral! I JUST LOVE 'EM!!

Avus said...

I like the idea of balloons at funerals. The liberation of the soul into the ether and all that.